Education & Training for Communities

Presentations for Community Organizations

The SATC provides presentations to members of various community groups to increase their knowledge and sensitivity regarding sexual assault, to inform them about SATC's services and to empower them to help prevent sexual violence. Examples of those receiving these services include parent groups, religious congregations, youth serving organizations and community service providers. The SATC staff tailors content and delivery for these one-session presentations to meet the needs and concerns of those in attendance.

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Toolkit

Media Activities and Community-Based Wellness Events

Throughout the year, television and radio commercials and public service announcements are aired throughout Hawai'i to raise awareness about sexual violence and to encourage victims to seek counseling services.

During Sexual Assault Awareness month in April, a variety of awareness building activities are held in conjunction with press releases to local media. Activities include such things as shopping mall exhibits, bookstore and library readings and poster campaigns.

In addition, every year SATC staff participates in various community fairs and events reaching many residents island-wide. Staff utilizes eye-catching displays and brochures to educate the community on sexual violence, victim services and prevention strategies.

Respect is a Choice Program

The Sex Abuse Treatment Center and Honolulu Theatre for Youth partnered to produce two plays designed to powerfully resonate with teens concerning sexual violence prevention and supporting victims. Choice by Yokonaan Kearns (for teen boys) and Girl's Choice by Carson Becker (for teen girls) are compelling 20 minute plays which are followed by a discussion with the audience facilitated by the actors. These lively discussions powerfully reinforce the key messages in each play.

Choice is performed exclusively for high school males and Girl's Choice for high school females. Schools can schedule a classroom performance by calling Honolulu Theatre for Youth at 839-9885.

To find out more about SATC educational programs and to schedule services call: 535-7600