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Providing Resources to Prevent Abuse

MidWeek Magazine Article 4/11/12

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Interview with SATC Executive Director Adriana Ramelli and Andre Bisquera Regarding Child Sexual Abuse

Rick Hamada's Community Matters radio show KHVH-AM 4/15/12
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Interview Regarding Sexual Violence and Victim Services

(Dr.Steven Emura and CeCe Fontaine from SATC and Dr Allison Aosved and Christine Duffy Gill from the Veterans Administration)

Hawai'i Public Radio ("The Body Show") KIPO 89.3 - FM 3/26/12
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Interview with Monica Cobb-Adams

"People don't necessarily believe that it (sexual abuse) could happen to their children...It's something they don't want to talk about."

Hawai'i Public Radio KIPO 2/7/12
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