Sexual Assault Victims in the City and County of Honolulu: 2001 - 2010 Statistical Profile

A report by the Sex Abuse Treatment Center (supported by the Department of the Attorney General Crime Prevention & Justice Assistance Division (State of Hawai'i).

Provides a descriptive analysis of over 4,800 sexual assault victims who received SATC services from 2001 through 2010. It also examines trends over the past 20 years, comparing these findings with those from the prior decade.

Click to download: Sexual Assault Victims in the City and County of Honolulu: 2001 - 2010 Statistical Profile (PDF, 3.3MB)

We Can Help BrochuresWe Can Help Brochure

Order free copies for your organization.

This brochure helps victims know there is emotional support and medical care available around the clock at no cost.

Ideal for medical providers, social service agencies, faith-based organizations, etc.

To order your free brochures, please contact us.

Hand in Hand - Helping your child heal from Sexual Abuse

If you have recently learned that your child has been sexually abused, you and members of your family might be in a state of crisis. It is not unusual to feel overwhelmed, and confused about how to cope with the situation. This book was written to assist parents and other supportive adults during this crisis period. The Hand in Hand book offers simple guidelines on how to interact and communicate with your child. Much of your child's recovery is dependent upon the reactions of those closest to him or her, so you are in a great position to make a difference. This book will help.

If you are a Hawaii resident and would like to receive a copy, please contact us.

Let's Talk With Our Kids: Sexual Abuse Prevention Brochure

Let's Talk With Our Kids

This helpful resource for parents and other concerned adults will increase their knowledge about child sexual abuse and provide useful tips on how to reduce a child's risk of being abused.

The brochure highlights the importance of adults dialoguing with children at an early age about safe and unsafe touching and speaking up if unsafe touching should happen to them. As children get older the dialogue should expand to include topics such as personal boundaries - asserting one's boundaries and respecting the personal boundaries of others.

Click to download brochure: Let's Talk With Our Kids: Sexual Abuse Prevention (PDF, 1MB)

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Let's Talk about Touching - Coloring and Activity Book

Let's Talk About Touching

We can never completely protect our loved ones from sexual abuse, but we can help keep them safe through education and awareness.

By learning about unsafe or secret touching, children are less likely to become victims. This coloring book was designed for a child to share with a special grown up.

The Sex Abuse Treatment Center provides these free coloring books to Hawai'i residents. Please contact us.

Educational Posters

Help reinforce important messages about personal safety using two colorful posters. Display in public areas frequented by families (e.g., pediatrician's offices, community centers, child care facilities). Made possible through the generous support of the Higgins Family Foundation.

My Body Is Special Poster My Body My Boundaries

Shaping Tomorrow

Shaping Tomorrow

Shaping Tomorrow (PDF, 1MB)

The Future of Sexual Violence Programs in Hawai'i