Therapy For Children

The Sex Abuse Treatment Center (SATC) provides individual and family therapy, case management and legal systems advocacy for children. Because a sexual assault impacts the entire family, we also offer services to non-offending parents and other family members. Therapy may be individual or with one or more family members. The type of therapy will depend on the child's age, level of development and the needs that arise from the trauma of the abuse. Behavior therapy and cognitive therapy incorporating play techniques and art are examples of the types of therapy available at the SATC.

The primary goals of therapy with a child are to identify and express feelings, to understand that the assault was not the child's fault, and to develop healthy coping skills. The therapist also works with the child and family members to minimize the risk of the child being victimized again. For a child to receive ongoing therapy at the SATC, written permission from a parent or legal guardian is necessary.

Therapy For Teens

The SATC offers individual, group and family therapy, case management and legal systems advocacy for adolescents who have been sexually assaulted. Services are also available for non-offending family members. The type of therapy offered depends on the needs of the teenager, but may involve behavioral or cognitive techniques, the use of art or other media, readings, and keeping a journal. These and other approaches can help the teen to identify, label and express feelings and thoughts about the abuse and encourage the development of positive coping skills and risk reduction strategies.

In order for a teen (under 18) to receive ongoing therapy services at the SATC, written permission from a parent or legal guardian is necessary. If the person who is abusing the teen is a parent, step-parent or other family member, please call the SATC hotline and our intake workers can assist in finding help and looking at your options.

Therapy For Adults

Therapy is available for recent victims of sexual assault as well as adult survivors who were molested as children. Even if your assault happened many years ago, you are still welcome to seek help if you believe this may be the right time for you.

Individual, couples and family therapy are available and occasionally the SATC offers psycho-educational groups for adults molested as children. Partners or family members of survivors currently in treatment at the SATC may receive therapy services at the SATC. The SATC also provides case management and legal systems advocacy to assist clients with a wide range of issues. The goals of therapy are unique to each person, but generally involve helping the person gain a better understanding about the dynamics of sexual assault, correcting false beliefs about what happened, developing appropriate coping mechanisms and teaching skills and techniques to decrease the risk of being victimized again.